Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a 5.6% amber ale brimming with Cascade hops. I first tried this superb ale in California (it’s brewed 200 miles north of San Francisco) but I’ve yet to find it on draft in England, although thankfully the bottles have made it over 5,000 miles to outlets here. Cheers!

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


2 responses to “Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale

  1. I am also a huge fan of sierra nevada pale ale, and their celebration ale which I really have struggled to find in the UK.
    Although I have found a place that sells Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on draft in Camden,
    ‘184 N Gower St, Camden Town, England, United Kingdom’
    into google maps and it will take you to the door of a quirky little pub with this superb beer on draft!
    Happy drinking


  2. Thanks Matt, I’ll head for that pub soon…

    In Cambridge, Bacchanalia on Mill Rd (10 mins walk from the station) has a good range of Sierra Nevada ales – I picked up a Bigfoot, a Torpedo and a Glissade today!

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