Leeds Brewery – Funfair

Leeds Brewery Funfair from the Kingston Arms, is in my opinion a pretty special beer. It manages to pack a lot of citrus bite for it’s 3.6% but without overpowering, a truly ‘drinkable’ summer ale, crisp and refreshing.

But it’s more than that; it’s the kind of beer that could be a real alternative to lager, or GK IPA for that matter. I overheard a group of people who were ordering cider say they didn’t know where they would start with the beer festival drinks; when one plucked up the courage, they suggested he ask for the one most like lager! Its a good point – not everyone wants the trial-and-error of buying real ales when they know a lager or GK IPA will be consistent and familiar.

The Cambridge Beer Festival programme used to offer the advice ‘Please don’t ask if we’ve got ‘anything that tastes like Stella’, when they could actually have done the opposite and more helpfully said ‘lager drinkers – not sure what ale to buy? then how about starting with a pint of Leeds Brewery Funfair’.
Leeds Brewery Funfair


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