Morrissey Fox – Blonde vs Brunette

Morrissey Fox brew what they’ve named a Brunette and a Blonde…

Not so much brunette as just brown. And that’s it. It looks brown and it tastes brown. It’s a brown beer and it’s a bit disappointing. This doesn’t have any of the character I’d hoped for and I can’t see me drinking more of this with better choices available. It’s definitely not the ‘definite classic’ they describe it as.

Morrissey Fox Brunette

Expectations not high after the brown, I mean Brunette… but this blonde beer is a nice surprise. It’s a 4.2% pale yellow beer with a light taste of sweet hops, they call ‘something between a lager and an ale’. If that angle tempts a few lager drinkers then that’s a good thing. Its a good enough beer. Blonde it is then. Cheers!

Morrissey Fox Blonde

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