Kingston Arms 3rd Beer Festival

Update: Great Oakley Wagtail voted ‘Best of the Fest’!

The Kingston Arms held beer festival no.3 this weekend and we tried 5 of the festival beers and enjoyed the late summer sunshine in the beer garden.

Great Oakley Brewery Wagtail 3.9% – “fantastic!” was my first reaction. And the next, and through to the last. Intense bitterness, sherbet and a citrus aftertaste. A cracking straw-coloured ale for the last of the summer sun.
Hart New Rose 3.8% – a Creamy vanilla ale that reminded me of Anchor Steam in taste, though not as strong.
Brentwood Roy Rodgers 3.8% – a quaffable brown beer with soft maltiness.
Nottingham Legend 4% – malty again, but creamier, with some hops long into the aftertaste
Cathedral Amber 4% – a pungent smoked cheese of a beer, undrinkable for me, but it did drive me back to the bar for another half of Wagtail, so all’s well that ends well…

Brentwood Roy Rogers, Great Oakley Wagtail, Hart New Rose

(L-R) Brentwood Roy Rogers, Great Oakley Wagtail, Hart New Rose

Kingston Beer Fest 3 List

Sharwoods Fools Gold was not on and is unlikely to be. From a conversation at the outdoor bar, I know I wasn’t alone in wanting to try it. Great choice of beers again, especially the Great Oakley Wagtail.

The next highly anticipated festival will be Hallowe’en themed and will begin 29th October…

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