Cambridge Blue Oktoberfest

Cambridge Blue Oktoberfest October 8th-11th 2009

I’ve not really tried many German beers, so I made a point of visiting the Cambridge Blue Oktoberfest, and then started with four English beers!

Red Squirrel Test Brew, Fox Chinook

Red Squirrel Test Brew, Fox Chinook

Red Squirrel Test Brew 3.9% is from a micro-brewery in Hertford. It’s a pale, lightly hoppy session beer with some malt in the aftertaste.

Fox Chinook 4.4% is another hoppy beer from the brewers of the fantastic Heacham Gold, brewed in Heacham near King’s Lynn. Chinook is equally golden and hoppy, almost honey sweet followed by grapefuit.

Now I could have continued drinking the Chinook, but I’m here to try a German beer, so I dip my toe in with what’s described as an English Oktoberfest Style cask ale…

Abbeydale Smoked Porter, Oxfordshire Pride of Oxford

Abbeydale Smoked Porter, Oxfordshire Pride of Oxford

Abbeydale Smoked Porter is a 4.8% wood-smoked beer with some nutty malt taste coming through the smoke and a hint of roasted hops, finishing with more  smoke. The smoke never overwhelms though, it’s nicely balanced, fruity even, a fine beer to gently slip into Autumn…

Oxfordshire Pride of Oxford has a light cream and vanilla taste before the malt and bitter comes through, a nice dark gold beer.

But i’m here to try a German beer, and decide on the Herzolich Bayerisches Spezial, anticipating the taste of ‘hops and grass’. What I actually get is the Brauerei Heller Schlenkerla Helles, but only realise this when I taste it. The landlord kindly, and without fuss, gave me a bottle of the Spezial to take home, which I’ve yet to open…

Anyway, back to the Schlenkerla Helles. Its a lager beer, but there’s an interesting subtle smokiness that comes not from smoked malts, but from being brewed in the same coppers as another of their beers, Marzen, that is brewed with smoked malts. So rather than a strong smoked cheese flavour, you get something like an aftertaste of frazzles!

Heller Trum Schlenkerla Weizen Cambridge Blue Oktoberfest 2009


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  1. Just to let you know that our next beer festival is from Thurs 28 April until Sunday 1 May 2011. There will be a marquee up in the garden, food available and approx 70 beers and ciders for you to try.

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