Kingston Arms Halloween Beer Festival

Update: Leeds Brewery Gathering Storm voted Best of the Fest!

The fourth beer festival at the Kingston Arms was Hallowe’en themed, so that’s where we headed as it got dark on All Hallows’ Eve, and tried 3 of the themed beers from the outdoor bar.

Kingston Arms Halloween Beer Fest

Milestone Wicked Witch is a 4.4% amber ale, hoppy at first, before the malts come through with a lasting finish.
Oakham Ales 3 Witches is another 4.4% amber ale, but with a whiff of orange and a punchy hop bitterness like many Oakham Ales. A great start!

As the winter drifts in, I find myself moving away from pale hoppy ales, in favour of darker beers, but it’s a gradual process, because I’m not really willing to let go of the summer and the pale ales! But now it’s Samhain, I really have to embrace the darkness…

So I go for Leeds Brewery Gathering Storm by Leeds Brewery, a 4.4% stout with a strong roasted flavour and an almost burnt finish. Only the second of their beers I’ve tried, both at the Kingston Arms, and both fantastic. Here’s hoping I get to try their Ale Mary this December.

Continuing to go out of their way to give a great experience, the Kingston Arms now provide fresh blankets for the outdoor beer garden, and currently have roast chestnuts available as a snack. Last night it was decorated for hallowe’en, and even wild reindeer won’t stop me from visiting the next, hopefully Christmas-themed, Beer Festival…


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