Cambridge Winter Ale Festival 14

The 14th Cambridge Winter Ale Festival was held from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23th January 2010.

We visited on Saturday and tried 7 of around 100 beers and ciders that had been available over the three days. Most had run out by then but there was still plenty of choice. The Cambridge News reported that 8,000 pints were expected to have been sold by the end of the festival, which ran dry at about 10pm

Best for me was the Buntingford Brewery Highwayman’s Porter. Dark, slightly creamy and smoky, Buntingford do brew some great ales.

Cambridge Winter Ale Festival

Buntingford Highwayman Porter, Harwich Misleading Lights

Harwich Town Misleading Lights 4% was nice and hoppy, and would make a good Summer ale, and Son of Side Muck Cart Mild at 3.5% was perfect for Winter daytime quaffing.


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