Railway Vue, Impington

I had the pleasure of a visit to the Railway Vue, Impington, near Cambridge today. There were 4 ales on tap and I opted for the Wyre Piddle ‘Frosty Piddle’ 4.3%, an easy drinking ale with a slightly fruity finish. The village itself is linked to fruit with the success of the Chivers Jam Factory.

The railway opened in 1847 and closed to passengers in 1970 and the Railway Vue has been a public house since at least 1853. It is the last remaining Impington pub, outliving the Chequers (1765-1910) and the Black Bull (existed at least 1843 – 1980). It’s a clean and welcoming pub with well served beer and nice simple food served very fast the lunchtime I visited. It’s worth making the short journey from Cambridge, and is near to several other pubs in neighbouring Histon, and a short walk from Histon FC.

This old photo from the pub’s website shows how close it is to the rail line.

And here it is as it stands today:

The rail line is now the Guided Busway – the Railway Vue pub is just a few steps from the bus stop.


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