Portland Rogue Distillery and pub

Visited the Rogue pub in Portland’s Pearl District on April 29th. Every available space in this pub is covered in Rogue goodies – t-shirts and flags line the walls and hang from the ceilings, shelves of bottled beer surround the interior, boxes of bottles are stacked on the floor and the bar has so many taps it looks like it could tip over. The bartender and waitress were friendly and knowledgeable, the beer and food fantastic. I’m describing a beer lovers’ paradise here and that’s pretty much what it is.

I was tempted first by a guest ale from another Portland Brewery, Amnesia ESB, a lovely malty biscuity brew with some hops, and also tried the Juniper Pale Ale, a sweet pale ale that’s delicious (although I didn’t really notice a Juniper taste).

Portland certainly has some fantastic pub and breweries, and is the most welcoming, friendliest city I’ve had the pleasure to visit in the USA.

Thankfully, I can now get Rogue Beers in England from Bachanalia, Cambridge.

As a footnote, we later visited the Rogue pub in San Francisco’s North Beach and, although the Triple Jump Pale Ale was nice enough, the bar lacked the friendliness and atmosphere we found in Portland and really brought home what a friendly city Portand is and what great pubs it has. Cheers!


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