Kingston Arms Beer Festival 7

The Kingston Arms 7th Beer Festival runs from Thurs 27 May — Thurs 3 June, kicking off their monthly beer festivals this summer.

Thornbridge Lord Marples

We visited on the Bank Holiday Monday and tried 4 of the festival beers. First and best was the Thornbridge Lord Marples. Thornbridge recently won 1st and 3rd at Cambridge Beer Festival 2010 with their Kipling and Jaipur ales (to my tastes, the Japiur was the nicer beer), and Lord Marples is yet another delicious brew, a malty bitter with a toffee flavour. I went back for more.

Update: Thornbridge Lord Marples voted Best of the Fest!

Other beers tried include the Acorn Brewery Barnsley Bitter – very nice, sweeter and hoppier than the tasting notes suggest – and Itchen Valley Brewery Godfathers Bitter.

This pub is a joy to visit. They serve great beers at great prices (a line of ‘recession ales’ and discounts to CAMRA members), have great food (even cookies!), friendly bar tenders, and there’s a nicely lit beer garden at the back. It’s the backstreet pub that could only be improved if it moved to my backstreet.


Kingston Arms Beer Festival dates


3 responses to “Kingston Arms Beer Festival 7

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  2. The Kingston is indeed a great little back street pub. Very well worth a visit and just one of a collection of fine, real ale pubs in the area. They are also close to the station so perfect for an ale outing.

  3. We just want to say a BIG thank you to Adam and friends, as we are now holding our TENTH Festival, and it is with the support of people like yourselves that spur us on to host these festivals!

    Guys, again, a huge thank you!

    Paul Boggia & Jane Fairhall (Landlord & Landlady, Kingston Arms Freehouse)

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