Kingston Arms 10th Beer Fest

This week the Kingston Arms in Cambridge hosts it’s 10th beer festival. That’s 10 beer fest’s over the past 14 months! The beer list is short but varied and always turns up a great beer – previous winners include Thornbridge Lord Marples, Brewster’s Hophead and Buntingford Twitchell.

We tried 4 of the festival beers, chilled with a homemade cooling system, and one from the choice of 8 beers at the bar. Of the festival beers, Brew Dog Alpha Dog is another great beer. It doesn’t have the bark and bite of their Punk IPA, but the fine balance of malt and hops made it very quaffable for a Sunday afternoon.

Cliff Quay Black Jack Porter is described as a ‘marmite beer, you will love or hate’. I didn’t love it, but then again it’s hard to really hate a beer that tastes like an alcoholic Dandelion and Burdock! An interesting and welcome choice, a cordial blast from the past, but I couldn’t quite finish even a half pint.
Cliff Quay Black Jack Porter

Castle Rock Harvest Pale, the current Champion Beer of Britain, on at the bar, was a sweet summer ale that deserved a sweeter summer day. Having said that, it was refreshing to sit outside, dry under the canopy, during a short but heavy rain shower.

Fittingly, we followed it with the pale, harvest straw tasting Rooster’s Good Cheer Beer, and Elgoods Pageant Ale, a chestnut coloured, smooth Autumnal ale heralding the end of summer.

Here’s to more Autumnal ales and many more Kingston Arms beer festivals…


Kingston Arms Beer Festival dates

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