Hallowe’en pints and pubs

Hallowe’en drinks began at the Kingston Arms beer fest with Blue Monkey’s dark brown and fruity 99 Red Baboons perfect for the occasion. Definitely a time for darker beers, so it was great to see Skinners Pennycomequick 4.5% stout on at the bar, from one of my favourite breweries and a beer i’ve not tried before. Prize for pubs largest carved pumpkin surely goes to the Kingston Arms which was very nicely decked out for Hallowe’en.

Kingston Arms Hallowe'en beer fest

The Cambridge Blue and The Elm tree also did good with the decorations. Had Milestone Wicked Witch at the Elm – a bit too dry and lacking the rich taste when tried last year – and a drop of Hydes Hubble Bubble – again, a bit too thin to really imress – but any breweries that brew beers specially for Hallowe’en are to be celebrated.

Hobgoblin and Dark LordWychwood have done well to relabel their Hobgoblin as the ‘unofficial beer of halloween’ and provide pubs with flashing pumpkin pump clips and it is an enjoyable ruby beer. Similar was a bottle of Batemans Dark Lord, which sounds like a seasonal Hallowe’en brew but is in fact brewed to commemorate Thomas Fairfax, ‘Black Tom’, commander-in-chief during the English Civil War.

Last drink of the night was a bottle of Silent Slasher from Dorset Piddle, with a suitably spooky label, although the beer itself is an easy drinking blonde ale.

Silent Slasher


Next, i’m looking forward to some seasonal brews for Christmas…


2 responses to “Hallowe’en pints and pubs

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  2. heck out dorset piddle breweries santa’s potty not only a great beer but great label too

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