Cambridge Ice Ale

Cambridge Ice Ale is a 4.5% ‘amber beer with subtle citrus nose’, brewed and bottled by City of Cambridge Brewery for the Cambridge Ice Rink on Parker’s Piece. I don’t see this as an amber beer, it looked golden and tasted more like a lager to me, but it ‘slides down a treat’ though, and the Ice Cafe overlooking the rink also serves bottles of their Parkers Porter and Hobson’s Choice beers.

Cambridge Ice Ale

No German Christmas beer this year (there was Alpirsbacher Weihnachtsbier last year) though, which is disappointing. No Christmas market or carousel either, so not quite the atmosphere of previous years. Still, at least the ice won’t melt in these present sub-zero temperatures.


One response to “Cambridge Ice Ale

  1. No Christmas Market or carousel? Pity…

    Oh, and loving the updates!

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