12 Beers of Christmas

Christmas Beers 2010

Christmas Beers 2010

These are 12 festive themed beers i’ve tried this Christmas Season.

Christmas CrackBest of them all was Humpty Dumpty Christmas Crack, a strong warming ale, deep amber coloured and with a delicious hoppy finish that made this far too easily drinkable for it’s 7% strength. I was sure it tasted spiced with the usual winter suspects of cinammon and cloves, but you’ll see from the comment below that no spices are added to this beer, it’s apparently all down to pure ‘late hopped goodness’… and maybe the mince pies that accompanied it!

A close second was Ridgeway Bad Elf, an unexpectedly golden, hoppy beer – I mean HOPPY! beer – that livened up the senses after a few rounds of dark beers. At 4% this would be perfect for quaffing on a long summer afternoon, so not a typical festive drink, but then it does carry this warning on the label:
Elf Warning

Since writing the above, I’ve tried several more seasonal beers, and well worth a mention are…

Glastonbury Festivale – gratefully recieved as a gift, I was nevertheless a bit apprehensive that this beer would taste too much of the cranberries, but it exceeded my expectations. It’s a nicely hopped beer with just the right subtlety of cranberries, a lovely beer.
Glastonbury Festivale

Skinners Jingle Knockers – a seasonal twist on Cornish Knocker perhaps, the hoppy taste seemed familiar but fruitier and I returned to the Regal in Cambridge for several pints of this over the festive season. According to Wetherspoon Real Ale it uses Challenger hops.


One response to “12 Beers of Christmas

  1. Stephen from Humpty Dumpty

    For info there are no spices of any kind in Christmas Crack. Just late hopping goodness.

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