Top 5 beers of 2010

A quick look back at my favourite beers of 2010, dominated by pale, American hopped brews.

  • 5. Deschutes Bachelor ESB 5% – 2010 saw my first visit to Portland, Oregon and first taste of Deschutes beers. The fantastic Mirror Pond and Twilight ales had the delicious cascade hop taste I spent the rest of the year chasing, but something about the balance of hops with caramel malt kept me returning for more of the English style ESB
  • 4. Hopshackle Resination 7% – A resinous (of course) and powerfully hoppy American style IPA whose strength curtailed my visit to the excellent Cambridge Octoberfest
  • 3. Buntingford Imperial Pale Ale 6.2% – Another powerful, American hopped IPA, an outstanding beer that featured at the Cambridge Octoberfest and Cambridge Blue Octoberfest. This brewery doesn’t half produce some cracking beers!
  • 2. Mighty Hop Festival Special Bitter 3.9% – My new favourite brewery! A beer that punches way above it’s session strength, with a moreish tang of New Zealand Pacific Gem hops.
  • 1. Red Squirrel White Mountain APA 5,4% – Best beer tried at the best event of 2010, the Cambridge Beer Festival. Another American Style IPA (beer style discovery of 2010 for me, influenced by that trip to Portland) loaded with Cascade hops but so sweet and smooth it was tempting to knock this back like a session beer! That said, I savoured every mouthful

Red Squirrel - White Mountain IPA

Here’s to the beers i’ve yet to discover in 2011…


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