Cambridge Blue pub signs

The Cambridge Blue was originally the Dew Drop Inn, one of four pubs on Gwydir Street, perhaps as early as 1869 when Gwydir Street was first developed (see History of Cambridge Blue). Many people living on the street worked on the nearby railway; in 1878 a railway servant and a carpenter lived either side of the pub. A photo of the pub (on display near the entrance) taken at the Queens Jubilee in 1977 shows it as The Dewdrop with brown Tolly Cobbold signboards. The current house beer, a nice light session bitter 3.9% brewed by Nethergate, is called Dewdrop after the pub’s former name.


It was the Dew Drop Inn for over 100 years and was only renamed as the Cambridge Blue relatively recently, in the mid 1980s, when a former Cambridge University rower became landlord; Cambridge Blue is the colour of Cambridge University sports teams. The sign showed a Welsh Dragon and American Eagle, the nationalities of the landlords at that time. In 2007 they left, and with them went the brief link to university colours.

The pub is now in the hands of Jethro and Terri. As of March 2011 a new pub sign hangs outside with a firkin attached. The brown is not the same colour as on the Tolly Cobbold signs, but does reflect its origins as a town pub, long before it was blue. It closed for a month or so of rebuilding and refurbishment earlier this year and has since been named Cambridge & District CAMRA Branch Pub of the Year 2011.

One response to “Cambridge Blue pub signs

  1. Quite possibly my favourite Cambridge pub. I hope the refurbishment hasn’t changed it too much.

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