Kingston Arms 17th Beer Fest

After the bustle of the Great British Beer Festival, it was nice to enjoy a more relaxing one in the garden of the Kingston Arms, albeit only for 3 swift halves. There are usually at least 5 festival beers on at their regular festivals and around 10 others always on at the bar. This time the golden Skinners Cornish Knocker straight from the cask was as good a beer as you could choose on a sunny summer afternoon and indeed it was voted best of the fest. Here it is below with Phipps IPA from the Grainstore Brewery (Rutland) and West Coast Brewing California (from Conwy Brewery, Wales). I was sure I’d remember which was which but…

Kingston Arms 17th Beer Fest

Kingston Arms Beer Fest Dates


One response to “Kingston Arms 17th Beer Fest

  1. “I was sure I’d remember which was which but…”

    LOL!! 🙂

    As always, thanks for your coverage! It’s always nice to have a mention of our little ‘ol festivals somewhere on the web, and it’s particularly nice when it’s in your blog!

    There is a saying that when a new, regular event is started, it can take two years for it to establish itself (depending on the frequency of the event). We have to say, this year the festivals are at their most popular! It could well be the recession biting hard initially, but we like to think it’s at least partly due to the festivals becoming more established.

    And a large part of this is down to you! You mentioning us in your blog, on local radio, and no doubt more!

    Much appreciated Adam! Mucho gracias! 🙂

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