Stout Bout

A battle of bottled beers, this time stouts.

Some bottled stouts
Some interesting and very enjoyable beers here; from the wintery, coal fire and sawdust (in a good way!) of Grain Blackwood Stout, through the reddish, roasted Ratliffe’s Stout, to the Humpty Dumpty Swingbridge Stout, a woody stout with a dry, hoppy bitterness via an Elveden Stout with a breath of whisky about it. In this closely fought battle of bottled beers, the creamy, chocolatey, easy-going Hook Norton Double Stout emerged as the victor. It’s is just about as quaffable a stout as one could hope for. Cheers!

Porter Report #1
Beerfight #1: Lancaster Bomber vs. Spitfire

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