Kingston Arms 21st Beer Fest

To coincide with the annual Mill Road Winter Fair in December, the Kingston Arms held their 21st beer festival of the last 30 months! Impressive stuff, and as always a nice choice of extra beers to compliment the 10 hand pumps at the bar. The list included beers from Buntingford and Blue Monkey, both previous Best of the Fest winning breweries.

Kingston Beer Fest December 2011

Unlike the beer, I was not on top form, winter sniffles and all, but I did pop in for a pint, and what a pint! Buntingford ‘Donner and Blitzen’ is a new beer, one of their four beers of Christmas.

Donner & Blitzen then is a black beer full of hops – in fact, it is Polar Star but with dark malts in the recipe. Call it a Black IPA if you must, but if you get a slap from a mildly festive pixie as a result, it serves you right.

Well, I’ll stick with calling this a hoppy black ale then and will only add that it was absolutely delicious and in great condition, the balance of hops with dark malts was spot on, and at 4.4.% it’s a very quaffable beer. Cheers!

Buntingford Donner and Blitzen


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