Christmas Beers Countdown – 9

Wye Valley Christmas AleDorothy Goodbody’s Christmas Ale

According to Roger Protz, this beer is the same as Dorothy Goodbody’s Country Ale.

Wye Valley Christmas
Under it’s regular Country guise, the beer is ‘a must for any discerning drinker who savours the summer’. Dorothy, wearing green, was inspired by sights like the ‘fields of barley ripening in the sunshine; the hops climbing up the bines in late summer’ to create Country Ale.

So what turns this same beer into one ‘certain to warm you up on a cold winter evening’, a beer that’s ‘great with Christmas pudding’?

A santa hat and a red dress. Dorothy does look good in a red dress.

It’s a nice beer, a 6% strong ale with some caramel malt, fruit cake and a bit of pepper, but it isn’t quite festive enough. It is a Christmas Beer though (santa hat – remember?)


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