Christmas Beers Countdown – 7

Batemans Rosey NoseyBatemans Rosey Nosey

A more traditional festive label with the promise of

‘Christmas pudding in a glass!’, a beer to ‘put a glow into Christmas’.

Batemans Rosey Nosey beer

I like Rosey Nosey because it gets into the Christmas spirit, but like many festive bottles the label offers no guide to the beer inside. It’s a nice enough beer, fairly malty and sweet, couldn’t taste much of the Goldings hops but some raisiny fruit, just not quite Christmassy enough for me.

A thin layer of snow isn’t really snow. It looks like snow, but is just ice waiting to happen. Snow should be all or nothing – deep enough for drifts, a snowman and a decent snowball fight, or none. Some Christmas Beers look the part – festive labels and tempting taste notes – but they’re a bit thin on pudding and warmth. They’re Christmas Beers without being particularly Christmassy in flavour.

I’m counting down to christmas and still hoping for a beer that delivers the pudding…


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