Christmas Beers Countdown – 6

Skinner's Jingle KnockerSkinner’s Jingle Knockers

This is a beer that grows better as it warms and the quality comes through – Quality Street Orange Chocolate Crunch.

Skinner's Jingle Knockers beer
Skinner’s bottled beers are consistently good and this is no exception, pouring with only a faint head but a flurry of tiny bubbles underneath. It’s not the novelty beer the label might suggest (I see where they put the mistletoe), but an orangey, moreish 5.5% premium bitter with a sweet caramel taste that gets chewier as it warms.

At this time of year my choice of beers tend towards the stronger, often darker beers, ones that demand a bit of attention. What’s refreshing about this beer is that it’s refreshing. The label makes no promise of pudding or warmth, simply that it’s a Christmas Ale.


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