Christmas Beers Countdown – 5

Delirium ChristmasDelirium Christmas

This isn’t the taste of Christmas, it’s the taste of late summer, as experienced by a mob of intemperate wasps gorging on windfallen fermenting pears, nectar drunk.

Delirium - Christmas beerIt’s sweet and sticky with pears, candied peaches and cherries, dusted with nutmeg and boozy – each mouthful seems to have a noticeable effect.

This should be either the only or last drink of an evening and that’s where I went wrong. I had a thirst and this wasn’t the beer to quench it; it’s a dessert beer, one for sipping and sharing, not for quaffing. A decent beer then, deep and varied flavours, more of a warmer than some previous Christmas Beers, one that deserved more attention and patience than I gave it, but too sweet for me to try again.


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