A beer as black as your hat

Fox Brewery CerberusI overheard this in a local pub:

Customer – What’s the Fox Cerberus like?
Barman – As black as yer hat

A pint was promptly ordered.

Sometimes that’s all it takes. Likewise, faced with two beers, to know one is black the other gold, or one is malty another hoppy, that’s often enough to make a choice. Two adjectives, even better – pale and hoppy, dark and smoky.

A point of reference can be a clincher – I overheard this in another local pub:

Q: What’s the Cains Bonfire Toffee like?
A: Werther’s Original

I like reading about beer and it’s interesting to know more about the taste of a beer than that it’s simply ‘hoppy’. To know its citrus ‘hoppy’, that it’s lemon or orange citrus. Or tangerine, clementine, kumquat!

But in a pub?

The Robinsons Unicorn? It’s like Marzipan

That was enough for me.


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