Fort St George

A new beer was served at the Fort St George yesterday. The beer is named after the pub, owned by Greene King. According to @fortstgeorge, it was brewed by John Bexon, Headbrewer at Greene King and “it’s like a fine Yorkshire best bitter”. I tried a pint and thought it was similar to GK IPA, but an improvement, certainly more drinkable. Apparently they ran out after 288 Pints were sold in 5 hours.

Fort St George Beer

One of Cambridge’s oldest pubs, claiming to date back to the 16th century, but much altered inside, the Fort St George has river views and a large outdoor patio that overlooks Midsummer Common. It stands on land that was once a river island served by a ferry, with locks on one side where tolls were collected. The locks were filled in and the pub was joined to the common in 1837 when the present sluice was built further upstream at Jesus Green.

Fort St George In England

Because of its location, on sunny weekends this pub gets busy and a queue of over 10 minutes is not uncommon. When we visited the guest ale was St Austell Proper Job and the wait was enlivened somewhat when the Caius College women’s rowing club capsized on the river outside the pub.

4 responses to “Fort St George

  1. I’m a huge fan of the location of the FSG – riverside, and perfect on a sunny day – but I have to say any time I’ve been there I’ve really felt let down, sometimes by the beer (though they’ve had some nice guests on, including some St. Peter’s), but much more so by the service. When I’ve visited, there’s often been a wait like the one you describe even when the pub isn’t remotely full, and the staff seemed not to know much about the beer they were serving. I’d really love to go more often as I can’t imagine a better place for a pub in the summertime, but I tend to feel that no effort is being made to live up to such a great location.

    • A perfect location as you say John, with Midsummer Common feeling like the pub’s huge beer garden, but I agree the service needs attention – maybe a few more staff would help?

  2. For a note on where the Fort St George (in England) gets its name from (and for my thoughts on its signboard) see:

    • Thanks for the link Steve, I hadn’t seen your blog before but it’s very interesting and it seems I’ve visited many of the same pubs!

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