Pubs along the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

The Cambridgeshire Busway is an easy route to some good village pubs outside Cambridge. From Cambridge Science Park a bus-only strip of concrete follows the old railway line north west out of Cambridge to St Ives. Alongside the busway runs a footpath and cycle path.

Cambridgeshire Guided Busway Pubs Map

From the bus stops there are a some short strolls (less than a mile round trip to the White Horse at Swavesey) and a few longer rambles (4 mile round trip to the Black Horse in Rampton), to several village pubs. The stop at Impington and Histon is recommended for 6 good pubs in a 2.5 mile round trip.

Cambridgeshire Busway Pubs table

A shorter southern section leads from Cambridge rail station to three pubs in Trumpington.

Detailed routes:

Below are links to the blog posts for each route – I’ll add more as I do them…

Impington and Histon
Impington and Histon (6 pubs)
Impington Railway Vue

Fen Drayton Lakes
Fen Drayton – Three Tuns

Rampton – Black Horse

Oakington – White Horse

White Horse


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