The Session #73 Announcement: Beer Audit

The Session

The Session, a.k.a. Beer Blogging Friday, is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic. Each month, a different beer blogger hosts the Session, chooses a topic and creates a round-up listing all of the participants. The next session takes place on March 1st and I get to host it. Here’s the topic…

Beer audit

Once or twice a year I take a beer audit. I open cupboards and boxes and just have a good look at what’s there. Some beers get moved about, some make it from a box into the fridge, others get pushed further to the back of the cupboard for another day. Often I just stare at the bottles for a while and think about when I’ll drink them. Apart from the enjoyment of just looking at a hoard of beer, It tells me something about my drinking habits.

  • I store too many bottles – over 150 at the last count, which would keep me in beer for over a month, compared to less than a week’s worth of food – but evidently that’s still not enough bottles as I return with more every time I leave the house.
  • I have a tendency to hoard strong, dark beers – great for a winter evening, not so great when a lazy sunny afternoon starts with a 9% imperial stout and then gets stronger
  • My cellaring could be improved. I found three beers from breweries that closed last year. I found these, not hidden away in a box under the stairs, but in the fridge. The fridge!!!
  • My attempts to age beer usually just result in beer that’s past its best
  • The oldest beer in my cupboard is probably an infant compared to the aged beers people must have in their cellars

So, I’m interested to know if you take stock of the beers you have, what’s in your cellar, and what does it tell you about your drinking habits. This could include a mention of the oldest, strongest, wildest beers you have stored away, the ratio of dark to light, strong to sessionable, or musings on your beer buying habits and the results of your cellaring. I look forward to reading your posts on Friday March 1st, leave a comment here when you do.



35 responses to “The Session #73 Announcement: Beer Audit

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  4. Greetings. First time contribution from me. Will be more to come.

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  6. Hi Adam. Thanks for posting! A hot choice topic for sure.

    I share much in common with your beer cellaring attributes. However, I am forever conflicted over the “why” I do store beers, and the “how” of avoiding falling into the trap of never having the right moment to drink those beers…

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  8. Hello Adam,

    Thanks for hosting. I’m not as into cellaring as probably most beer geeks are, and I suppose my post reflects that.



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  12. It’s tax season! Let’s get audited:

    Lots of entries already. Can’t wait to sort through all of these.

    Thanks for hosting! Cheers, all.

  13. Here’s something I threw together last night…

    Thanks for hosting

  14. Thanks for hosting — I really enjoyed the topic and learned a few things about my “cellar” doing my first audit:

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  16. Here is my contribution. Thanks for hosting!

    A Beer In Hand is Worth Two in the Fridge

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  18. This is keeping me from the pub! Gah! 😉 I’ve participated in my 1st session… so proud. Even if it is hastily banged out!


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  20. Hi Adam, thanks for hosting! My Session post for the Brew Site is here:

    – Jon

  21. Here’s my Beer Audit post. Thanks again for hosting.
    Cheers, J

  22. Thank you for all the contributions, I’ve enjoyed reading and rereading them. I’ll post a round up as soon as I can…

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