Cambridge Pubs showing the World Cup

Well it’s nearly that time, when we can share hopes and inevitable disappointments, watching England’s World Cup matches in a pub. I watched some of the 2002 World Cup in what was my local at the time, the Hat & Feathers on Barton Road in Cambridge, when such was the time difference between here and South Korea and Japan, some matches were shown in pubs as early as seven o’clock in the morning – so begins a good day! When Beckham scored the penalty against Argentina, the pub erupted in celebration. Three matches later we were beaten in the quarter finals by this year’s hosts Brazil.

The Hat & Feathers has since closed and been converted to flats, so here’s a current list of good pubs that have confirmed they’re showing the World Cup:

Alma CB2 1HW
Blue Moon CB1 2LF
Cambridge Brew House CB1 1LH
Carpenters Arms CB4 3DZ
Champion of the Thames CB1 1LN
Dobblers CB1 2QF
Great Northern CB1 2JB
Kingston Arms (England games only) CB1 2NU
Mill CB2 1RX
Six Bells CB1 2HS

Cambridge Pubs showing World Cup
Cambridge Brew House
Kingston Arms

And a few more good pubs almost certainly showing the World Cup:
Burleigh Arms | CB5 8EG
Maypole | CB5 8AF
Portland Arms | CB4 3BA
Sir Isaac Newton | CB3 0AJ
Sir Isaac Newton

And yet more pubs showing the World Cup:
King street Run
Mitre (some games)

And for those looking to avoid the World Cup, the Clarendon Arms and Pint Shop have both said they will be football free.


2 responses to “Cambridge Pubs showing the World Cup

  1. The Salisbury and the Earl of Beaconsfield are showing games

    Footy free: Live & Let Live, Flying Pig (my two normal haunts, bugger)

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