Cambridge Pubs – St. Radegund

Part of my resolve to visit every pub in Cambridge over the next year…

Cambridge’s smallest pub (220 square feet according to WhatPub), named after the Priory of St Radegund which stood on the site of nearby Jesus College. A one room pub that was refurbished in March 2015 and became a brewery tap for Saffron Brewery – there’s recently been a change of manager and it was notable that there were no Saffron beers on, although there were bottles in the fridge. The bar is small and with four people sat at it there wasn’t much room to get a drink but I had a pint of Brewdog Punk IPA (£5 a pint) and sat at a long wooden table along the front wall.

St. Radegund

There was a group of people at a table next to the bar, three males and three females playing cards – the conversation mostly involved patiently explaining the rules to a middle-aged woman who seemed somehow to have gone through her life without knowing how “three of a kind” ranked. Two guys sat on stools at the bar overlooking the table seemed to be with the group but apart from occasionally looking over when the game became animated, they kept themselves to themselves, one fixated by his phone, the other nodding off, but as the oldest person in the pub (I’m guessing in his sixties) that was his prerogative. The friendly young bearded barman chatted to two young females, locals I guess, most of the time. Another table of three played with a small Devil Amongst the Tailors without seeming to know what exactly it was (who does) before leaving.

A group led by a loud Canadian woman passed through the pub like a whirlwind for a quick round of drinks, and for the next ten minutes all you could hear was her booming voice attempting to maintain their focus, overseeing a quick round of Cards Against Humanity, congratulating them on reaching their 8th pub of the evening without any casualties – they all looked quite sober, unsurprisingly when only halfway through their drinks she ordered them to follow her to the next pub. As they left, one gent from the group taking all their glasses back to the bar, she could be heard complaining about “the table that kept giving us dirty looks”. That was probably us, but they were less “dirty looks”, more disappointed glances.

St Radegund

Then the bar was quiet again, well apart from some gentle piped music – I Shazam’ed a random but typical tune and was amused it was titled “Smokey Jazz Club” (by Cloudburst if you’re looking to recreate the atmosphere). The wood stove wasn’t lit but it could have done with it – the weather was freezing and the candles on each table and the one heater struggled to keep the chill off the air – I sat wearing three layers of tops and a fleece, although it was warm enough to take the beanie off. Craft credentials were limited to filament light bulbs in old fittings. The toilets are in the basement – a notice advises that there are only urinals in the mens, and only one toilet for women. Worth noting too I thought.

On the bar:
Milestone Ruby and Black Pearl, Fuller’s London Pride, Colchester Diesel, White Park Cranfield Bitter.
Kozel, Kronenburg 1664, Brewdog Punk IPA.


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  1. Another pub ruined by a bad makeover

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