Cambridge Pubs – Mitre

JaipurThe Mitre on Bridge Street is the only Nicholson’s pub in Cambridge, right next door to another pub, the Baron of Beef, separated by Blackamoor’s Yard – the Blackamoor’s Head used to stand here. The large windows at the front overlook St John’s College and the busy bus vs. bicycle lane that is Bridge Street. And it was through those large windows that the blazing beacon of a Jaipur pump clip shone as we were walking past – and one shouldn’t walk past that kind of opportunity, what with this being the time of caskgate, where the world of beer is divided into those who have given up brewing it, those who have given up drinking it, those that have given up listening, and those of us who are thirsty and would like a pint please and Jaipur will do very nicely thanks.

Anyway, we took our drinks to a seat by the windows, of course, and then played the “Generation Game” of trying to recall each of the beers we’d seen on at the bar – Adnams Mosiac, Dry Hopped Lager, Southwold Bitter, Sierra Nevada Pale, Rooster’s Little Bird, fondue set, Camden Hells, Carling, Jaipur, Bombardier, dinner service, Wainwright, Nicholson’s Pale, Greene King Mighty Moose, wine decanter and glasses, cuddly toy…


I can’t remember much about the piped music apart from Lorde’s Buzzcut Season, which speaks volumes (sorry) about this being a pub to go for a drink without distractions, and the only conversation I can recall was from a chap who kept mispronouncing Lorde as “Lordy” and insisted her cover of the Replacements “Swingin Party” was “better than anything on her album”. Wait, that was me. Anyway…

MitreThe Mitre will be closing temporarily from mid-February to early March for a refurbishment, but one that seems like it will be more of a sympathetic spruce up than a ruthless refit – a lick of paint, new signboards, drinking shelves down the side in Blackamoors yard (to compete with the Baron of Beef’s enviable outdoor smoking area no doubt), a bit of work to the bar area, refurbished floorboards and a new carpet – so for posterity I captured a square of the present one.

If I overuse the word friendly when describing pubs, well this one is too (and don’t worry, a forthcoming post will avoid the word), and the landlord is a nice chap that smiles a lot, which of course won’t do anything for his prospects of one day featuring in the letters page of the Times – you have to be utterly barmy or outrageously rude for that. So, having drank the 5.9% ABV Jaipur as fast as if it was a session beer, as is my wont with the first beer of the evening, we left and I carelessly stood in the road photographing the pub trying to ignore the united shouts of cyclists and peeping of horns until I realised I was the cause of the queue of traffic. Hopefully someone in the pub saw it all, because that’s the kind of thing you hope to see when you choose to sit next to the window in a pub.



3 responses to “Cambridge Pubs – Mitre

  1. I remember the Mitre with some affection both from my student days (it was always busy, albeit with a sometimes uncomfortable town/gown mix) and my time with Benskins, where the Mitre was one of a small number of Cambridge outlets.
    Is the Red Cow still open?

  2. Benskins – there’s a name I haven’t come across in a long time, don’t think they have any outlets around here now? No, unfortunately the Red Cow has become a chicken restaurant, serves some keg beers apparently but not really the drinking environment I’m looking for

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