Cambridge Pubs – CB2

Describing itself as a bistro, CB2 on Norfolk Street is a continental style cafe with a nice outdoor terrace that serves food but welcomes drinkers, and has recently started serving draught beers – Becks and Goose Island IPA. We only noticed this last week, when the Goose Island had apparently just run out, so as we were passing this evening and noticed it was back on, we popped in for a couple of quick halves.

As the drinks were being poured I noticed a chalkboard with the prices on – £5.55 a pint, or £3.85 a half. So I.. wait.. what the hell?! £7.70 for 2 halves or the same beer for £5.55 a pint?! So £2.15 more for the privilege of having a pint in 2 glasses? I was quick to question this – are you sure that’s right? £2.15 more per pint if it’s in two halves? “Yes, it’s because it’s a strong beer”.


I made my point again and argued the pricing was ridiculous, but either they didn’t get my point or it’s not a mistake. What disappoints me is this – I don’t really have a problem with being charged more for 2 halves than 1 pint. I get it – that’s another glass to handle, to wash, to replace when it gets worn. Sure, I’ll pay extra if those pennies matter. But £2.15 extra? Nah. I guess you could order a pint, ask for a glass of water, drink the water then decant the pint into two glasses, but… really? Yes, I usually drink pints, and £5.55 is acceptable to me, but £3.85 a half for Goose Island is more than I’d be prepared to pay again. I’m still hopeful this is an oversight and they’ll review the prices – it’s a nice place and I don’t want to knock local establishments – but in the meantime this is another place with beer available in Cambridge, but sadly one we’ll have to pass by if we only have time for halves.



4 responses to “Cambridge Pubs – CB2

  1. It might be worth dropping the management an email / gentle complaint – the guys behind the bar are just doing what they are told and it could be a genuine mistake or misunderstanding….

  2. Yes, they did call a manager over who listened to my point – in all three staff heard my argument twice through, yet I still get the feeling they just didn’t get the point I was making! As I say, I’m not knocking them, it’s a nice place, but I can’t gloss over the price issue, which as it stands will affect my decision over whether to drink beer there

    • I don’t know the set up there, but a manager is not always THE manager – some places have six so called managers, but the only people with any actual power are never on the floor – I still think an email complaint is more likely to get a positive result and if not maybe have a word with your CAMRA contacts and see if they are interested in following it up….

  3. Why bother? Its a café that happens to serve one overpriced generic beer. If you are on the corner of Norfolk St and East Road and suddenly desperately want a beer, go one of the 4 pubs (2 of which are excellent) within a (literal) stone’s throw of this establishment.

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