Cambridge Pubs – Prince Regent

Another pub I haven’t been in for a while, and one I’m not expecting much from, but it turns out to have an okay-for-Greene-King beer range, and is pleasant enough for a pint – especially as it’s here I track down a beer I’ve been hoping to come across again since finding out it was on the GK guest beer list – Sharp’s Sea Fury, brewed to the same recipe as Sharp’s Special but rebranded. Very nice it is.

Prince Regent

Also on the bar are Exmoor Dark and Moorhouse’s Premier Bitter, and on keg I’m surprised to see Camden Hells alongside Punk IPA, and the usual suspects like Peroni, Hop House 13 and East Coast IPA. It’s busy at 6pm with plenty of food being ordered. What used to be a three bar pub comprising of a public bar, a lounge, and a smoke room, has now been opened out and extended, although there are raised railed areas either side of the front entrance. There’s a low beamed ceiling throughout the older part of the building, with floorboards and tiles around the L-shaped bar. The piped music (I recognise Gabrielle Aplin but have to Shazam the likes of Jessie Ware etc) is partly drowned out by the struggling aircon unit I’m sat near. A conservatory at the rear leads to an outdoor seating area that you could say “backs onto Parkers Piece”, but more realistically just offers a narrow view of the traffic along Gonville Place.

The pub and the street are apparently named after the visit to Cambridge in 1815 of George IV, then Prince Regent, although he was only passing through, didn’t even come near this area, and is not known to have returned. Despite the tenuous link, there was also a George IV pub on East Road and a George Street named after him, neither of which exist now. It’s surprising the name endured for this pub, considering how unpopular he was as a king. Anyway, until about three years ago the pub sign used to show a colourful portrait of said prince, but this has been replaced by the bland design Green King have been rolling out across the city, just a green board with what looks from a distance like a squiggle, but on closer inspection is the truncated signature of George IV. Why that was considered an improvement I’ve no idea.

Prince Regent

Gray, R. (2000) Cambridge Street Names, Cambridge University Press


4 responses to “Cambridge Pubs – Prince Regent

  1. Sharps Special much underrated IMHO, very little promotion even in Cornwall.
    Camden Hells is available selectively to GK free trade customers and I’ve seen it in a GK managed house near Euston.

    • Agree, an underrated beer, but recent rebranding seems to have led to much greater distribution over the past year, of the bottles at least.

      Didn’t know Hells was available to some GK pubs, don’t think I’ve come across it one before

  2. The “Sea Fury” was on again last night and a very fine pint it was too!

    • Thanks for the tip off, I don’t think it’ll hang around long as the Greene King guest ales list changes again soon

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