Cambridge Pubs – Earl of Beaconsfield

I’m now a third of the way through visiting every pub and bar in Cambridge this year (actually, I’m nearly half way through, I just have a backlog of blog posts). One of the motivations for this endeavour was that I’d have to revisit pubs like the Earl of Beaconsfield, pubs I know are good, but rarely make the effort to visit, inertia keeping me to a handful or so of pubs in the city. So, on a freezing evening with the drizzle unconvincingly dressed up as snow, I made the effort and went over the railway bridge to the wrong-side-of-the-tracks that is Romsey Town.

Earl of Beaconsfield

The pub dates back to around 1889, but appears to have been rebuilt c.1931. Well-trod floorboards lead to the L-shaped bar, where I wasted no time ordering an Adnams Mosaic. There’s regular live music at the Beaky and plenty of music memorabilia and instruments dotted about, along with metalwork tree branches on the walls, but I chose a quiet night, happy to just have a quiet drink.

The two resident cocker spaniels kept me amused. With tails wagging, each new customer was greeted and sniffed, and they took it in turns to jump on the leather seats and sit next to me patiently waiting for a fuss, favourite toys held tightly in their mouths.

Earl of Beaconsfield

There’s a wonderful effigy of the earl on the corner of the building, which appears to be based on a portrait taken in 1878 by British photographer Cornelius Jabez Hughes, and which this photo doesn’t do justice.

Earl of Beaconsfield

But which this one does a much better job of:

Earl of Beaconsfield
Earl of Beaconsfield © Ben Sutherland, under Creative Commons Licence

Disraeli beers:

Cask – Adnams Mosaic, Moorhouse’s Ice Witch, Robinsons Magnum IPA, Woodforde’s Wherry, Doom Bar.
Keg – Backyard Brew Shed Head (Carlsberg’s attempt at craft beer apparently)


5 responses to “Cambridge Pubs – Earl of Beaconsfield

  1. Love the Earl, good community pub, friendly staff, beer is decent, they show the rugby, just a good pub with a great atmosphere, especially when they have music on. All pubs should have dogs.

  2. Agree with py, seemingly underrated because of standard beer range. Quality generally very good.

  3. I really should visit more often, and some decent beers can appear on the Finest Cask list it picks its guest ales from

  4. They also had a couple of brewdog kegs last time I went – perhaps they were replaced by the Shed Head

  5. The beer is usually good, they don’t do food (apart from standard pizzas) and the dogs are a definite asset. I miss the Irish music nights. Allegedly they were scared off by some fascist, which I find hard to believe.

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