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Greene King – outside the abbey walls

We went to Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre again this year, and as you might expect in the home town of one of England’s largest breweries and pub retailers, Greene King had quite a prescence, even the towering brewery chimneys are visible from the market on Angel Hill. Nevertheless, we were surprised this year to see their new range of beers from the recently installed “innovation brewhouse” already available to buy in bottles, and there were plenty of other local breweries selling their own wares throughout the town.

St Edmund Brewhouse

Greene King are one of the sponsors of the Christmas Fayre and have a couple of stalls and the nearby brewery centre selling a range of beers, beery condiments and merchandise (having owned a couple of MGs, I was tempted by the Corgi replica of the Old Speckled Hen MGB until I saw the price). Much of their focus was on the new range of ‘experimental’ beers coming from the St Edmund Brewhouse, an additional small batch brewery that will apparently “enable greater exploration into more craft beer styles”. Even leaving aside their pub retail shenanigans, this could be seen as an attempt to cash in on the ‘craft beer’ bandwagon as part of the aim to “capitalise on impressive sales growth”, but not for the first time we spoke to a brewer there who seemed genuinely passionate about the brewery itself and enthusiastic about the new line of beers.

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