Lancaster Bomber vs. Spitfire

I flew a Tiger Moth at Duxford Imperial War Museum yesterday (Okay, I only had control of the plane for a tense few minutes, but that generously credits me with 20 minutes towards my pilot license. Or something). It was an exhilarating experience. Apparently these planes were used as training planes during WWII. I’d be verging on terrified if I had to fly a plane like this from A to B, but having to engage in combat? Unthinkable!

Later I watched from the control tower as a Spitfire took off. It was only fitting then to drink bottles of Spitfire and Lancaster Bomber in the evening. And if they were engaged in combat?

Thwaites Lancaster Bomber
Shepherd Neame Spitfire

For me, Thwaites Lancaster Bomber won this closely fought battle, with it’s prominent caramel malt and light hop finish. Shepherd Neame Spitfire is dry, bitter and very grassy, a beer i’d happily drink again. This time though the Lancaster Bomber hit the target.



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