Earl Grey, Cambridge

This is number 60 King Street,Cambridge. Once the Earl Grey pub, more recently a betting shop, now empty. The pub, closed for more than 40 years, had planning permission to turn back into a pub (Feb 2011) but was refused a license (4th April 2011).

Earl Grey could refer to Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey who was educated at Trinity College and later became Prime Minister (1830-1834). The 3rd Earl Grey, Henry George Grey, and 4th Earl Grey Albert were also at Trinity.

This two storey, slate roofed, grey gault brick building was a pub since at least the 1870s according to Sara Payne’s Down Your Street. Dead pubs dates it to 1852 when it was numbered 34 King Street. The publican in the 1920s was called Isabella Rank. The shop next door sells coffee and tea, probably Earl Grey.

One response to “Earl Grey, Cambridge

  1. If reopened it will be named the Earl Grey, and that is after the 2nd Earl as described above.

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