Christmas Beers Countdown – 1

Humpty Dumpty Christmas CrackHumpty Dumpty Christmas Crack

At last, a Christmas Beer that delivers the pudding.

Humpty Dumpty Christmas Crack beer
The bottles in this Christmas Beers Countdown have all had Christmassy labels but few have had Christmassy beer. This beer has both and it’s no coincidence it’s the last beer of the countdown – I saved a bottle from last year. It was the best Christmass Beer then and it’s the best now.

Last year I said it tasted spicy and the brewer commented:

There are no spices of any kind in Christmas Crack. Just late hopping goodness.

I’m told Amarillo hops are used in this beer, which could be what gives it the spiciness. I expected that over the year the hops would have mellowed, but they seem more evident than I remember, a definite hoppy tang to the finish of what is overall a strong, malty beer with some fruit cake and a hint of orange. That said, I was pairing it with a Heston Blumenthal Hidden Clementine Christmas pudding.

I’ve yet to try the 2011 version, which I think is brewed to the same recipe, but I have a bottle in the cupboard. I also have another of those puddings to pair it with…

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.


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