Castle Inn, Wroxham records the following story about the Castle Inn, also known as the Castle Hotel, Wroxham:

It is said that at a drinking competition held in Wroxham in 1810, one contestant drank 44½ pints of porter in 55 minutes. His opponent defeated him by supping 52½ pints in the same time. The winner then took 2 more pints to his rowing boat, to assist the 6 mile river journey home.

The Castle Inn stood on Norwich Road, 300 metres from the River Bure, from at least 1794 when Faden’s Map was surveyed – it is shown as the ‘Castle Ale House’. In 1809 the death of “Mr Edward Clarke of the Castle Inn” is recorded in the British Register. It survived until the 1990s when it closed and was turned into private houses.

Castle Inn Wroxham

The only place for a drink in Wroxham now is the Shed. However, over the bridge in Hoveton, opposite Roys of Wroxham department store, is the large King’s Head hotel, dating from the 18th century. To the right of it stood the Horseshoes, a 19th century pub, rebuilt in the 1960s and now a boarded up building that closed around 1980. Hotel Wroxham, by the bridge, has a Waterside Terrace bar, with Adnams often available.

9 responses to “Castle Inn, Wroxham

  1. Drove past this building loads of times and only recently really it was a pub. Its such a shame to see all these go. I remember the post office on the same road just up the road a bit. All gone. Very sad.

  2. I remember playing pool in the Horseshoes while on holiday in either 1982 or 83.

  3. Used to drink in the Castle about 1980 with Big Phil and Nicky, no idea of surnames. Landlord was Colin, from Yorkshire I think. Official closing was 11 but we were regularly in there until 2! Don’t think it was ever that busy, even then, and even with it being the only pub in a very large village. Whoever picked it up for 90k about 10? years ago would have made a fortune.
    Also remember drinking vodka and black at Horseshoes discos, and loads of large gin and tonics at the Broads Hotel (soon to be demolished) on Boat Sale day – the only day of the year with all day opening! In those days you could only drink real ale in a couple of pubs in Norwich – although we didn’t know it as real ale, it was just beer!

    • Hi Ian, thanks for the description of Wroxham pubs back then. It’s surprising that Hoveton and Wroxham now have so few pubs. Last I heard the Broads Hotel was going to be demolished to make way for a block of flats.

  4. My husband and I were the tenants of the Castle, we left there in November 1980. My husband was Tony, and we had a Great Dane, called Womble. Anyone remember. We changed the inside of the building by adding a restaurant and knocking down major internal walls.

    • I remember you both, you catered for our wedding reception in 1978, Brian and Gill Mindham. Many happy memories of the Castle.

  5. It was converted into 3 houses and I lived in the converted middle house of The Castle inn for just over 6 years,from 2009 and left when the landlord who owned it, sold it in 2016.
    It is haunted! Lots of orbs in the cellar and sightings out of the corner of my eye. Other people who visited saw various apparitions! My daughter had strange experiences there too. Having said that, I enjoyed living there.
    It is up for sale again now, I notice having driven past it.

  6. Brian Pleasants

    In the forties my Uncle Russel and Auntie Kitty had the pub while my grandad had the Horseshoes and Uncle Jeffry kept the Kings Head. I didn’t like my Auntie kissing me as she had buck teeth
    Brian Pleasants

  7. Ahh, fond memories! I was at the UEA from 1979 to 1982. We almost ended up living on a floating caravan in a backwater in Wroxham, but eventually secured accommodation in a house next to a small shop in walking distance to The Castle. Funny thing, I always remember walking there but not walking back!

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