Lantern Tankard

I gratefully received a 10-sided Lantern Tankard from Stockport based Stephensons, apparently a faithful reproduction of the version originally produced by The Crystal Glass Company of Knottingley, West Yorkshire.



I tried to choose a suitable beer to christen the glass, eventually settling on an Anspach & Hobday Porter for being a beer from the past “reinvented for today”, but that hardly highlighted the “visibility afforded by the ten refined panels” of the lantern, so I followed it with an Old Empire for its claims to be an “authentic recreation”. I doubt either beer was contemporary to the lantern tankard, and in any case I’ll leave the history of the glass (and of beers for that matter) to Martyn Cornell, who covered the return of Lantern Tankard in Zythophile.

I have a nostalgic affection for dimpled mugs, but I can’t say I particularly enjoy drinking from them, whereas the lantern tankard feels good in the hand and surprisingly light, although it’s apparently heavier than a dimpled mug. I have cupboards full of glassware, but tend to favour the same few old faithfuls, depending on the beer. Maybe it’s simply a case of last in, first out, but so far the lantern has joined the old faithfuls as a glass I frequently reach for.


3 responses to “Lantern Tankard

  1. Hmm, now I live in Stockport and they haven’t sent me one 😦

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